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Celotex Insulation

Pick up your Celotex insulation from your local Gibbs & Dandy branch.

Celotex Cavity Wall Insulation

Celotex CW3000

  • Thickness range: 40–100mm
  • Board dimension: 1200 x 450mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.023 W/mk
  • Low emissivity aluminium foil
  • Lower U-values by increasing the thermal resistance of the air cavity
  • Third party approval under BBA certificate number 16/5343
  • Easy to handle and install between standard cavity wall tie spacing
  • Helps improve energy performance of new and existing buildings

Celotex Plasterboard Thermal Laminate Insulation

Celotex PL3000

  • Thickness range (insulation only): 15–65mm
  • Board dimension: 2400 X 1200mm
  • Thermal conductivity (insulation only): 0.023 W/mk
  • 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard; multi-layer composite
  • All-in-one solution reducing installation time
  • Built-in VCL saving on materials
  • Suitable for mechanical fixed or bonded application
  • Third party approval under BBA certificate number 16/5357


Find out more about Celotex and the products available from Gibbs & Dandy here

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