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OX Group is a world leading manufacturer of hand tools. diamond tools and safety products. Developed and proven in Australia over the past 43 years, our tools are recognised as tough dynamic and dependable across the globe.
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Few tools are as widely used across the world as the tape measure. We at OX recognise that and build our tapes to last the test of time. Durability, reliability and innovation are the words we think when designing a new line of tapes. OX has enhanced it's reputation as a leading tape rule manufacturer with the launch of the new Pro Series short tape, which boasts an impressive 2.8M stand out whilst remaining an extremely compact design.
Lifetime vial warranty, 30mm depth extrusion and patented innovative dual view vials are just some of the features on the extraordinary OX Pro Series level. This one is definitely stronger than an OX – and if you can find a tougher level we will give you your money back…Guaranteed!
Owning quality woodworking tools says a lot about how serious a woodworker you are. Superbly balanced chisels and built tough bar clamps are products that have been designed to give users greater control and accuracy. The OX pro heavy duty clamp has been created for more demanding work where high-force tension, strength and durability are required.
Bricklaying is a highly skilled trade and is characterised by regional variations in both brick size/shape & laying techniques. We have spent 6 years working on-site with bricklayers & liaising with training institutions around the world to ensure our products are second to none. From the strength of the forged steel to the perfect weight & balance – these tools symbolize quality. Guaranteed better than the rest!
No trade is as demanding on the design of its tools as the plastering trade. Many tools look the same, but the OX Range has been tried and tested by tradesmen and offers unmatched quality. OX tools do what you want them to do, over and over again. A tough, durable design for the professional plasterer – you’ll probably wear out before they do!
Tradesmen demand a lot from their cutting tools. Our utility knives and saws are designed for ease of use, so that you can change blades without extra tools, cut faster, cut longer and cut hours off your day!