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Free brick matching from Gibbs & Dandy’s experts 

With all the different brick types, brick matching is necessary for a wide range of jobs. Whether you’re simply replacing a brick in a wall that has blown or crumbled, carrying out fireplace brick repair, or building brick extensions, it’s crucial that the bricks are right. Finding matching bricks can be time-consuming, and often feels like an impossible task. But, if the match isn’t right, you’ll notice right away and it ruins the whole appearance. Our brick matching service is open to everyone, whether you’re in the trade, a keen DIYer, or making enquiries on your builders’ behalf. All customers are welcome, our main focus is making sure you get the brick matches you need for maximum satisfaction and pride in your work. 

The question is, how? How do you match a brick extension? How can you find bricks to match your house for repairs? Is it even possible to match old bricks from the early 20th century? It can be a daunting job trawling brickyards and websites, and not everyone has time to walk around brickyards. That’s where Gibbs & Dandy come in, with our straightforward, FREE brick matching service.

Gibbs and Dandy brick matching form

Please use this form to provide as much information as you can, including photos of dimensions, and project information. Share as much detail as you can, including dimensions, shape, colour, texture and what you're working on. And don't forget to attach photos to help us find you the perfect brick match. The team will check over all the details and come back to you within 24 hours with suitable brick match options and a quote for your needs. There’s no obligation to order from us, but we’re confident you’ll be happy with your choices.

Order your bricks from Gibbs & Dandy and we’ll arrange delivery for you. Next day delivery is available in most cases, but the team will ensure deliveries suit your schedule.

Include dimensions, project details, photos

Please share any plans to share that would help us visualise the project and help tailor your design and quote more accurately.

Need to find an exact brick match?

Our brick specialists run our matching service to help you find the perfect brick match. Headed up by our brick expert, Michael Benn, the team has years of experience and a keen eye for bricks, working with all types of customers on projects of all sizes. Their attention to detail helps them with matching old bricks, finding brick colour matches for house extensions, and ensuring your brick match solutions are right for your needs. They have Gibbs & Dandy’s great range of bricks at their disposal (our brick centre in Pudsey holds around 8 million units!) and can match any colour, texture, age, and size. Most of the brick enquiries we work on are for facing bricks, but we can help with all brick types. On the off chance that the perfect brick match isn’t available, we'll be sure to offer you the closest possible match for a seamless addition. They’ll work with you to make sure your brick match options are perfect for the job.

Meet our valued brick specialist

Our Brick Expert – Michael Benn

Michael is Gibbs & Dandy’s Brick Sales Manager, based at our brick & landscaping centre in Pudsey. Colleagues fondly gave Michael the nickname, ‘The Oracle’ because he truly is the ultimate brick expert. There’s nothing about bricks Michael doesn’t know -  but he loves a challenge. Michael has been with the company for an incredible 32 years! The time Michael has built up over the years has given him highly specialised knowledge and experience in all things brick-related, and he is a true asset to the business and to our customers. All brick inquiries go through Michael, he spends his workdays answering your emails, calls, and inquiries about brick jobs from across the nation, working hard to get you the information you need. Anything you need to know about bricks, Michael and his dedicated brick team is there for you. Contact Michael at