Sustainables & Renewables


Here at Gibbs & Dandy we understand the increasing importance of sustainable products and renewable energy solutions for the construction industry.  This landscape is ever changing and growing rapidly,  which is why we are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable building products to meet future demands. 

We stock market leading quality brands throughout our branch network, and offer training advice and support from the Greenworks Training Academy to provide our customers with a comprehensive all-round solution for sustainable and renewable products.

As more information about energy use and renewable solutions has become available, the demand for energy efficient and sustainable homes and businesses has increased. There are a number of funding and incentive schemes available, and Gibbs & Dandy can assist you with the appropriate choice. Speak to one of our expert advisers in-branch to find out how you can make your next project sustainable and energy efficient.


We are currently working on getting an exciting sustainable and renewables range on the website, so check back soon but in the meantime our branches will be more than happy to help.