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Stonemarket Paving - Good, Better, Best

Driveway block paving solutions from Stonemarket

Gibbs & Dandy landscaping branches stock a wide range of block paving solutions for your next driveway project. Pick the right solution for you and your customer - at a budget that suits any wallet.

Here’s an overview of Stonemarket's three most popular blocks:

Good - Pavedrive Paviors
• Functional and versatile range of block paving
• Practical option for transforming any area used by vehicles
• 100 x 200mm in two thickness options
• 7 colour options

Better - Trident Paviors
• High quality with an attractive distressed surface texture
• Blends sympathetically with established surroundings
• Five rich,traditional colour blends
• Project packs and coordinating kerbs available

Best - Rio Paviors
• Cool contemporary range
• Premium granite look textured surface
• Contains natural granite aggregates
• Bring a modern ambience to any driveway
• Available in three sophisticated colours
• Coordinating edgings available
• Project packs available

Ask at your local branch about the right paving options for your next project.

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