Build Aviator

Building efficiency and control into every job. 

With Build Aviator from Gibbs & Dandy, you can link the design phase of your project to the pricing and ordering of building materials – making your building project simpler, faster, cost-effective and compliant. Our partnership with LABC will then ensure what is actually built is approved by building control.       

We have produced the below video to explain the idea behind Build Aviator:

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Services & Solutions

From design and planning through to completion and handover, Gibbs & Dandy provides services and solutions to support you throughout the build process. 

By offering building compliance services and testing, product guidance, training and software, Gibbs & Dandy helps you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of building compliance, legislation and product innovation.


  • SAP Assessments
  • Build Aviator - Quantity take off
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Air Tightness testing
  • Registered Construction Detail – LABC
  • FSAP Software

Quantity Take-Off (Estimating Service)

The Build Aviator quantity take-off service is the most effective and comprehensive estimating service available. It provides an accurate and efficient estimate of materials, labour and hire required, using products that are locally available through Gibbs & Dandy. The service provides a suite of bespoke personalised reports, which include product summaries, bill of quantities, schedule of works, pricing sheets and tool hire reports. The service also adds in any profits and margins for the project to ensure accuracy and to support with budgeting and tendering. Whether a builder, developer or self-builder - this service is extremely beneficial for new build projects, extensions and existing conversions. 

If a SAP assessment has been conducted, the Build Aviator estimating service can provide additional benefits by using the product specification from this SAP report. This will assist in ensuring a compliant estimate is produced and therefore provide a smooth route to building control sign off. 

  • Fast and efficient turnaround
  • Saves time and increases efficiency of pricing and tendering
  • Comprehensive reports which includes all materials, labour and tool hire required for project completion
  • Reports generated for the builder and for the client
  • Accurate and professional bespoke personalised reports
  • Utilises products locally available to the project location
  • 5 day turnaround, 48 hour also available
  • Can use specification outlined in SAP assessments to assist in compliance

Build Aviator Customer Case Study

The below video shows how Build Aviator (previously 'Buildworks') was able to help one of our customers save time, money and materials, or read about the project here

Quotation for services

Complete this simple form and receive a quotation for all the Build Aviator services, including: SAP assessment, air tightness and acoustic testing, as well as the quantity take-off service.

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There is also more information available from Build Aviator on the Build Aviator website, available here.

Partners you can trust

We’ve teamed up with some of the leading names in the industry, connecting the services you need to make every aspect of the build process simpler. These are Greenworks, Stroma and LABC.