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Self Build Roof & Loft Conversions Projects

Let’s be honest, most of us use our lofts and attics to store holiday decorations, suitcases and other random bits and bobs. But this space has so much potential! You could have another bedroom, a home office, a playroom or whatever you like. Conversions add monetary value to your property which you’ll benefit from should you ever sell your house. While you live in the house, it’ll be more cost effective, less time consuming and involve less upheaval than buying a new property. 

Usually, you won’t need planning permission because of permitted development rights. In some cases, you might such as when the design goes beyond the current space. But always check with your local planning department to make sure, because they may flag something you hadn’t noticed. If you don’t own the property, never do any work without getting the okay from the landlord, that’ll definitely go against your rental agreement!

There are lots of options when it comes to converting roofs, and the one you choose depends on your budget, the space available and what you want to use the new room for. In the UK, below are the most common because of how most houses are already structured. 

Roof lights

The simplest of the bunch, roof light conversions focus on renovating the internal space for better use. Installing roof light windows let all that natural light in, so you can actually save on your electricity bill. This conversion type can be done on virtually all house types, whether it's terraced, detached or semi-detached. Have you checked out our great range of roof windows? We stock trusted manufacturers such as Velux, you can browse the range here.



If your roof resembles a pyramid of sorts, that means it’s a hipped roof and every side is slanted. You can convert one of these slanted sides to become vertical, which will give you more space inside. However, hip-to-gable conversions only work for houses which are detached or semi-detached because you need to do this conversion on a hip end.



Dormer conversions add an extra angle to a pitched roof which provides you lots of extra room internally. Inside, the room will have straight ceilings and walls just like every other room, so no risk of hitting your head on a slanted ceiling!


Check out our selection of roofing supplies here. We'd love to chat about your project, so feel free to visit a branch to discuss it with a colleague.